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Message from Leadership

Changing ways people live, build society and conduct business

Healthy and Enriched Lifestyles Created by Frontier Center for Organic System Innovations (YUCOI)
The exhaustion of underground resources and global warming have become major global issues. On the other hand it is pointed out that Japan's industrial competitiveness and the market share have been decreasing.
Yamagata University has made great success in developing the advanced fundamental research and the research seeds established in Research Center for Organic Electronics (ROEL) into R&D carried out in Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL).
In this COI project, we will focus on meeting individual needs through organic innovation technology of smart devices, as well as merging design, sensibility, and ICT. We aim to functionally connect people, products, and society, and to realize a high quality of life.
In Frontier Center for Organic System Innovations, industry-academia collaboration teams from various research areas will work together to clarify the exit strategy and conduct R&D activities towards the implementation of our technology.

President of Yamagata University

Kiyohito Koyama

Because of progress in information technology, we can get information anytime and anywhere, and live a convenient life. On the other hand, ageing population and rural depopulation has been proceeding in Japan, and digital illiterates are facing difficulties with receiving information, medical care, and those factor have put limitations on their education and work environment.
We will create "connecting society", which makes it possible for us to communicate with others even if there are barriers in distance and time. The "anywhere space" enables real communication with a life-size person projected on a wall. We will change the way of health care system, education, and work, so that people can have a consultation with a doctor, take a class being taught in school, and have an important negotiation with business partners from all over the world while being at home. We will also develop a sensor which can watch one's health condition by wearing it like an adhesive bandage.
To create a high quality "comfort life" through the power of organic electronics, this is the purpose of our project.

Project Leader

General Manager of
Business Development Center,
Research & Development Center,
Corporate R&D Division,
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Toru Miyake

We have been conducting the world-leading research at both Research Center for Organic Electronics (ROEL) where the four research divisions, Organic LED, Organic Transistor, Organic Solar Cell, and Battery Device, are conducting the cutting-edge fundamental research of organic electronics, and Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL) for doing R&D.
Also in COI program, Frontier Center for Organic Innovation System will be open next year as the main research institute for this program, and be connected to ROEL, INOEL, Business Research Institute for Glocal Innovation, and Research Institute for GREEN Materials and Advanced Processing (GREEN MAP) to create organic innovations by the integration of advanced organic materials, design, and ICT under one roof.
Under the slogan of "Changing Way People Live, Build Society, and Conduct Business", industry and university will work together and challenge to create system innovation in order to realize a lively and happy society. We will establish an innovative system to achieve comforting ambient-intelligence space, self-sustaining health care for healthy longevity, and future additive manufacturing through organic system.

Research Leader
Vice President and Executive Director,
Yamagata University

Yoshihiro Ohba