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Key R&D Themes for Social Interface

1.Creating a Pleasant Life-Style

1-1. Comfortable Lighting and Space

Innovative technologies such as highly efficient organic LEDs (OLEDs), transparent and flexible OLEDs, and well-controlled lighting systems with circadian rhythm to create a pleasant life-style.

1-2. Wall Display

Ultra slim, super light and flexible displays that are wall-mountable.

1-3. ICT System for Good Sleeping

Advanced ICT system infrastructures capable of enriching quality of sleep for a more vibrant life style.

1-4. Organic Photovoltaic System

Ultra light, flexible and transparent organic solar cells for novel applications.

1-5. Food Process Innovation

Novel technologies for creating healthy food utilizing OLED plant cultivation and low-temperature dehumidification drying.

2. Creating Self-Sustaining Health Care for a Long and Healthy Life

2-1. Organic Biosensors

Stress sensors capable of detecting physiologically active substances included in saliva or sweat with a high degree of sensitivity.

2-2. Organic Sensing System

New printing process technologies that can combine FET sensors and wireless communication circuits on super-thin films to create new wearable sensors.

2-3. Smart Device Printer

Roll-to-roll printing process and equipment for manufacturing electronic devices with highly accurate ink-jet printing and self-assembled line formation technologies.

2-4. Micro and Nano Processing

Complex device formation technologies using micro and nano structure moldings.

2-5. Soft Biomaterials

New therapeutic and diagnostic devices based on our original "intermediate water concept", including simple diagnostic sensors for metastatic cancers and a long-term use stent for bile duct cancer therapy.