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Privacy Policy

 Yamagata University (hereafter abbreviated as YU) will determine and implement the following policy in order to appropriately protect any and all information that can identify specific individual (hereafter referred to as Personal Information, abbreviated as PI).

1. YU may collect, use and provide PI only in the cases when such information becomes necessary for our objectives and/or execution of our mission(s), with full compliance to the law on protection of personal information held by independent administrative agencies (law No. 59, 2004) while making explicit disclosure of purpose of PI use.

2. YU will strive to implement appropriate handling of PI by education, training and edification of teaching and office staff and by appointing a PI protection manager for each section that handles PI.

3. YU will take appropriate measures in order to eliminate risks that may arise from handling of PI, such as illicit access, loss or theft, falsification or leakage.

4. YU may use PI held forth by students (inclusive of primary school pupils as well as junior-high- and high school students, college and graduate school students, etc.) teaching and office staff of YU, or from general citizens outside YU, uses only for legitimate purposes, such as fulfilling YU's obligations to the students with regard to educational and/or investigational activities, providing therapeutic activities that are beneficial to the provider of PI, and so on.

5. YU will not hold forth PI, made available to YU by students, teaching- and office staff or by general citizens, to any other third party, unless YU have the permission of the provider or without legitimate reason.

6. Upon requesting PI from students, teaching- and office staff or from general citizens, YU will inform them of the purpose to collect PI and who to contact on the matter. YU will inform the extent of the third parties to which such PI will be held forth, as required.

7. YU will not hold forth PI, made available to YU by students, teaching- and office staff or by general citizens, to any third party without taking measures to prevent leakage or redistribution therefrom, by obliging the third party with contract, unless any rightful occasion not to do so occurs.

8. YU will sincerely respond to the request from the original owner of PI to confirm or correct, with full compliance with laws and regulations and within reasonable extent.

9. YU will fully observe and respect laws and regulations with regard to protection of PI, and continually review internal rules to strive for the improvement thereof.