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Aug. 05, 2020
A paper related to project researcher Dr. Anubha Bilgaiyan and Associate Professor Makoto MIZUKAMI titled "Solution Processed Organic Transistors on Polymeric Gate Dielectric with Mobility Exceeding 15 cm2 V−1 s−1" was selected as Back Cover of Physica Status Solidi, rapid research letters (Wiley).
Jul. 30, 2020
Associate Professor Hiroyuki MATSUI (Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab) will have a presentation as an invited speaker in "ECSYU Joint Virtual Symposium" (online) on July, 31 (Friday).
Jul. 30, 2020
 Magazine Release 
An article related to Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab's project titled "Yamagata University developed an electronic slip with sensor utilized printing technology" was published in an E-mail newsletter of Sangyo Times, Inc..
Jul. 13, 2020
A paper related to a joint research between Yoshida Lab and Dr. Philipp Stadler's research group (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria) titled "Metal‐Free Hydrogen‐Bonded Polymers Mimic Noble Metal Electrocatalysts" was published on Advanced Materials (IF = 25.809).
Jul. 13, 2020
A paper related to Assistant Professor Yi-Fei WANG (Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab) titled "Printed Strain Sensor with High Sensitivity and Wide Working Range Using a Novel Brittle-Stretchable Conductive Network" was published on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.
Jul. 13, 2020
A paper related to a joint research between Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab and POSTECH (Korea) titled "A Flexible Three-Dimensional Organic Preamplifier for a Lactate Sensor" was published on Macromolecular Bioscience.
Jul. 08, 2020
A paper related to Project Researcher Subhash Singh (Tokito/Kumaki/Sekine Lab) titled "Flexible inkjet-printed dual-gate organic thin film transistors and PMOS inverters: Noise margin control by top gate" was published on Organic Electronics (Volume 85, October 2020).
Jul. 07, 2020
 News Release 
(THE SEN-I-NEWS) An article related to professor Junji KIDO titled "MIKI SHOKO Co., Ltd. installed an OLED lighting to show the high quality of the material of the cloth as a research achievement with Yamagata University" was released.
Jul. 07, 2020
A paper related to a 2nd-year master course student Shota ISHIKAWA and Assistant Professor Takayuki CHIBA (Kido/Sasabe/Chiba Lab) titled "Blue Perovskite Nanocrystal Light‐Emitting Devices via the Ligand Exchange with Adamantane Diamine" was selected as Back Cover of Advanced Optical Materials (IF: 7.430) (Wiley).
Jun. 29, 2020
(Online Symposium) The 3rd Soft Matter Robotics Symposium (SOFUMO) will be held on July 20th.



Nov. 12, 2019
{Finished} The 173th Conference on Organic Electronics
Nov. 12, 2019
{Finished} The 172th Conference on Organic Electronics
Oct. 18, 2019
{Finished} The 171th Conference on Organic Electronics
Oct. 09, 2019
{Finished} The 170th Conference on Organic Electronics
Sep. 24, 2019
{Finished} The 169th Conference on Organic Electronics
Sep. 02, 2019
{Finished} The 168th Conference on Organic Electronics
Aug. 06, 2019
{Finished} The 167th Conference on Organic Electronics
May 07, 2019
{Finished} The 166th Conference on Organic Electronics
Apr. 23, 2019
{Finished} The 165th Conference on Organic Electronics
Mar. 01, 2019
{Finished} The 164th Conference on Organic Electronics


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