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Oct. 07, 2019
 TV Broadcast 
(NHK Ohayo)【October, 4, Friday】 A news program related to Academic-Industrial Collaboration of Yamagata University was showed on TV. Professor Tatsuhiro TAKAHASHI who is egaging in the related activities got this interview.
Oct. 04, 2019
 News Release 
(Nikkei) An article related to academic-industrial collaboration associate professor Masanori MORISHITA titled "Yamagata University developed thin film shaped and bendable battery enable to be applied to wearable terminal" was released.
Sep. 25, 2019
Assistant professor Tomohito SEKINE (Tokito Lab) won MES2018 Research Encouragement Award and received the prize at MES2019 Autumn Meeting held in Osaka University on September, 12~13.
Sep. 25, 2019
A joint paper written by Professor Shizuo TOKITO, titled "Static and Dynamic Response Comparison of Printed, Single- and Dual-Gate 3-D Complementary Organic TFT Inverters” was published on IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS.
Sep. 25, 2019
A joint paper written by Professor Shizuo TOKITO, titled "Compact modelling and SPICE simulation for three-dimensional, inkjet-printed organic transistors, inverters and ring oscillators” was published on Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.
Sep. 18, 2019
 News Release 
(Asahi) An article related to Professor Hiroyuki FURUSAWA (Tokito Lab) titled "Yamagata University attempts to develop small sensor enable to measure molecular weight" was released.
Sep. 17, 2019
Associate Professor Hisahiro SASABE (Kido/Sasabe/Chiba Lab) won Publons Peer Review Awards 2019 (Top 1% of reviewers) on September, 17, 2019.
Sep. 10, 2019
Junya ENOMOTO, 4th-year undergraduate student of Masuhara Lab, received Outstanding Poster Award in The 22nd SIS Symposium held on August, 30, 2019 in Chiba University.
Aug. 20, 2019
Kai SASAKI, a 2nd-year doctoral student of Tokito Lab, received Student Presentation Award in 10th International Conference on Molecular Electronics & BioElectronics held on June, 25-27, 2019.
Aug. 20, 2019
 Magazine Release 
10 articles written by Professor Shizuo TOKITO and his staffs were released as special feature articles titled "Printed Device Technology" on Clean Technology (Vol.29, No.8) published by Japan Industrial Publishig Co., Ltd. in August, 2019.



Sep. 02, 2019
{Finished} The 168th Conference on Organic Electronics
Aug. 06, 2019
{Finished} The 167th Conference on Organic Electronics
May 07, 2019
{Finished} The 166th Conference on Organic Electronics
Apr. 23, 2019
{Finished} The 165th Conference on Organic Electronics
Mar. 01, 2019
{Finished} The 164th Conference on Organic Electronics
Feb. 06, 2019
{Finished} The 163th Conference on Organic Electronics
Oct. 26, 2018
{Finished} The 162th Conference on Organic Electronics
Oct. 26, 2018
{Finished} The 161th Conference on Organic Electronics
Oct. 04, 2018
{Finished} The 160th Conference on Organic Electronics
Oct. 02, 2018
{Suspended} The 159th Conference on Organic Electronics


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