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2018.01.31 【開催終了】第146回 有機エレクトロニクス研究センター講演会開催について(3月6日)


【日 時】          平成30年 3月 6日(火曜日)  16:00~17:00

【場 所】          有機システムフロンティアセンター11号館(2階 未来ホール)

【講演者】          Prof. Matti Mantysalo  (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)                        


【講演演題】       Printed and Hybrid stretchable electronics- enabler of unobtrusive biosignal monitoring 


                          Wearable electronics is currently one of the fastest growing electronics markets.

         Specifically, with the sports and healthcare industries showing a particularly strong interest
         in the field, as wearables present possibilities of measuring one’s vital signals unobtrusively.
         Today’s wearable electronics is mainly based on wrist, head, and chest worn concepts..
         The next paradigm shift in wearable electronics is going to be epidermal electronic systems (EES)
         enabled by recent advances in flexible and stretchable electronics technologies. EES can conform
         to temporary transfer tattoos and deform with the skin without detachment or fracture. EESs are
         developed to monitor, for example, electrophysical signals (e.g. ECG, EMG), temperature,
         skin hydration, lactate level, and movement disorders. In many cases, the main idea has been
         wireless monitoring of body signals and functions for healthcare and assisted living applications.
         Most EESs dedicated for body monitoring are fabricated in complex and costly vacuum and
         lithography processes. However, the proposed approach utilizes low-cost printing processes
         enabling the wider exploitation of the results.

         This presentation focuses on recent development in printed stretchable electronics and its

         advances in smart textiles and epidermal electronic systems.






連絡先: 時任・熊木・関根研究室 (内線:3725)


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